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    Improve employee engagement and quality within your hotel
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    Unleash the full potential of your human capital

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About HotelTect

HotelTect is a web-based platform that provides strategic tools to help hotels achieve better organization, quality and employee engagement

Easy & Social

Our Tools

HotelTect offers a variety of tools for strategic management into a single, flexible and user-friendly platform that suits the exact needs of your hotel

Social Intranet

Create a private online workspace and improve internal communication and organization within your hotel Learn more

Workflow Automation

Increase productivity by organizing and monitoring systematically hotel procedures Learn more

Human Capital Management

Make your hotel a more meaningful workplace and unleash the full potential of your human capital Learn more

Innovation Management

Achieve continuous improvement by facilitating innovation and organizational change Learn more


Integrate useful third party tools and monitor your business data from one place Learn more


User-friendly, remarkably flexible and integrated tools delivered on the cloud Learn more

“Today, no leader can afford to be indifferent to the challenge of engaging employees in the work of creating the future. Engagement may have been optional in the past, but it’s pretty much the whole game today.”

Gary Hamel, 2009

Why choose us

Hotel management has become increasingly complex. HotelTect equips hotel leaders with integrated, easy to use and affordable tools to organize more effectively their operations. Some of the reasons why to choose HotelTect include:

Why to choose us

Choose the relevant tools and boost productivity and collaboration

Integrate all the tools into one digital platform

Add unlimited users to your network - no more per-user billing

Customize easily the platform to fit the exact needs of your organization

HotelTect is not only a social network but also offers business-focused tools to support interactions with all stakeholders of your ecosystem (colleagues, clients, suppliers, partners, job candidates)

Access the platform from any mobile device (tablet, smartphone etc.)

No need to worry about IT complexities such as hardware, hosting and maintenance

Become a Partner! Join a world class network of handpicked professionals and consultants

Some facts about us

12 Hotels
3 Countries
3600+ Users
4 Partners


All plans below come with Unlimited Users and give you access to a Global Community of Leading Hotel Strategists

Select the size of your hotel:

All the above prices do not include taxes and are billed annually. Additional hosting fees may apply for extreme server usage

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